Since completing Emory University School of Law and being admitted to the bar, I have practiced law, full-time, for thirty-one years.  Twenty-three of those years I have practiced in Covington, Georgia. I am a partner with Greer, Stansfield & Turner, LLP where I handle the firm’s trial work.  


During my thirty-one years of law practice, I have represented individuals, families, small and medium sized businesses both in court and in non-court matters. Also, I have represented large regional, national and international companies and local governments. My clients have come from all walks of life and different races, religions and nationalities. Some had simple legal problems, while some had very complex ones. They all shared one thing in common: they trusted me to help them with their problem, and I took that responsibility very seriously.


After graduating from the Emory University School of Law, I received a fellowship to continue my legal studies in Germany for an additional year. Upon my return I passed the Georgia Bar Exam and was admitted to the practice of law. The next seven years I worked with a small Atlanta law firm that merged into a larger firm. At that firm, I learned to try cases and handled my first appeals to the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court. My work was primarily civil litigation in state and federal courts covering a range of matters: gasoline retailing and distribution, anti-trust litigation, environmental matters, general contract disputes, lease disputes, construction matters and bankruptcies. While in Atlanta, I handled non-court matters such as helping clients buy or sell land, or even a business, and dealing with environmental problems. I returned to Savannah, Georgia, the city where I finished high school, and practiced there for a year and half before relocating to Covington, where my wife was a long-time special education teacher at Ficquett Elementary School.


In the spring of 1996, I opened my law practice in Covington, Georgia as a sole practitioner. In 2004, I joined Dan Greer and Frank B. Turner, Jr.  forming Greer, Stansfield & Turner, LLP, where I have practiced since. Dan Greer died in 2007, and my law partner, Frank B. Turner, Jr., and I have continued to practice together. Over my nearly 23 years in Covington,  I have handled all types of civil lawsuits: personal injury, contract disputes, shareholder disputes, suits on accounts, injunctions, estate and trust matters, guaranty matters, insurance disputes, real estate disputes, and consumers disputes. My clients have been individuals, families, small businesses, restaurants, stores, farmers, general contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers, real estate developers, community banks, car dealers, physicians, dentists and other health care workers.


In addition to handling lawsuits in  the courts, I have also helped clients deal with state and federal agencies, including the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, the Georgia Department of Revenue, Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Georgia Department of Labor.  I have also received training as a mediator and have served as a mediator helping parties resolve their court case or dispute by finding a solution without a jury trial.

I hold the  highest  Martindale-Hubbell rating of “AV” based on  anonymous reviews  by  lawyers.  The rating indicates the highest legal ability and adherence to the highest standard of professional conduct.   Only lawyers with the highest ethical standards and professional ability receive a Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating of “AV”. Martindale-Hubbell is the largest and most comprehensive source of lawyer ratings.



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